The biggest site we put out from SapientNitro in 2014, Save The Food was a passion project of Sapient that tried to bring a design-focused, friendlier approach to educating people about food waste. It's an inherently negative conversation, and people tend to shy away from discussing their own wasteful habits, so the goal of the campaign was to try change that.

My team's focus was on creating a central web hub for all other media buys to point back to. For the initial version, I was tasked with creating the animated homepage, as the site's content developed I added on the Cook It, Store It, Tips and Share It sections. I also helped to PM the guestimator feature before I departed SapientNitro.

The site was built on top of keystone-cms and used node and PM2 to serve the handlebar based markup and styles built with SASS. As well as being a primary engineer for the building of the project I ended up handling the management of our infrastructure on Digital Ocean. It remains one of my favorite projects I have worked becaused it attemped to tackle and bring awareness to food wasted and by all accounts has been massively sucessful.

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Sophia Calderone and Chris Burke
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