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My first foray into e-commerce at SapientNitro, I was asked to help prototype and create the new, fully responsive Ralph Lauren online store. Up til then, Ralph Lauren had relied fully on (believe it or not) an Ebay built store, so this represented a massive change for the organization. More than a year long effort, we iterated from what began as a responsive recreation of the existing site to a site with a brand new style all its own. The site went thru 3 major redesigns during this time, and we were able to quickly re-themed our work each time to match the new direction.

My role thru-out the project included concepting and UX, as well as production of responsive prototypes for the Checkout, My Account sections and more, as well as all global navigation elements of the site.

Final Checkout Demo

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Sophia Calderone, Will Davidow and Chris Burke
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