Food waste has always been something that I have been conscious of as a problem, as I am as guilty as the next person in taking for granted how much effort and energy it takes to make our food. Ever since I knew I wanted to build things with code, I wanted to work on how to solve the huge issue of food waste in America and beyond.

I started working on the problem my sophomore year in college with a simple app that used a bar-code scanner to identify food individual items and estimate average expiration dates based off of the date of purchase. Then in Junior year, I got to try again with a responsive web app with a self-learning database of foods to crowd source information.

I got the chance to work on the issue again for my Senior project at RIT, leading an extremely talented team of designers and developers to create a proof-of-concept that could show the public the awesome possibilities of a fully tracked RFID fridge.



Project Manager,

Partner Outreach,

Presentation and Vision


App Front End Lead,

Promo Site Developer,

RFID Specialist


Recap Video Production

Promo Site

Use Case Video

Final Presentation

Imagine RIT Recap